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TCC Industries Overview

Projects do not live in isolation. It is essential to holistically understand how spaces operate to complete a truly successful project.

A hospital room with a two beds and chairs.


For all healthcare organizations patient safety and experience are at the heart of every construction project. The end goal is always to create a safe space which heals and improves the health of communities. TCC’s project management services in the healthcare sector are fueled by our common values and holistic view of healthcare operations.

Science & Technology

The TCC team has decades of experience leading complex projects in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and biotechnology industries. With ever-changing regulations, funding, and complex equipment needs, flexibility within these spaces is the key to long-term success.

Scientist working in lab filling test tubes
A group of people walking on a grassy field, enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature.

Higher Education

TCC understands the challenges and strategic initiatives that are crucial to a successful campus improvement project. By prioritizing your growth goals and employing expert foresight and coordination, TCC ensures that your campus improvement project meets your strategic goals.