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TCC’s project management services in the healthcare sector are fueled by our common values. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience provide superior value to your healthcare organization.

With over a century of collective experience managing specialized healthcare projects, our team understands the complex and unique challenges of both out-patient and in-patient facilities. Coordinating various user groups, minimizing disruptions to existing operations, maintaining healthy environments, and smoothly integrating equipment are critical needs requiring highly coordinated solutions. TCC has the deep industry knowledge to solve your most difficult problems and ensure the most critical goal is met – creating a safe space which heals and improves the health of the community it serves. 

A healthcare lobby with a spacious table and a large window providing natural light.

In the seven weeks I’ve been with {client}, this is the first time I and my team have felt a sense of calmness, total focus on the path to success, and pride of progress. I appreciate TCC’s support very much and look forward to working with you on this journey!

Confidential Client

It didn’t take long for me to realize just how important and lucky we all were to have the added and valuable layer that TCC brings. They become our sanity. Without their experience in the industry, organizational skills, and most importantly, calm and level-headed personality in dealing with vendors, contractors, and the client, I’m confident this project would not have gone as well as it did.

Walter F. Younghans, Unity Construction

As the CEO and very involved in our construction project, TCC was my sounding board on construction issues. They gave me perspective as well as a heads up on possible problems that could arise at various stages of construction.

Alan Oberman, John Brooks Recovery Center

We have been working with TCC for several years on numerous projects. TCC is a trusted team member of our organization and a true advocate for our best interest on every project. Their knowledge and expertise has been an asset for our organization in planning and managing construction projects.

Matt Levinson, AtlantiCare
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