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January 29, 2024

Exploring the Role of Owner’s Representatives: Your Partners for Profitable Capital Project Outcomes 

Imagine you’re heading out for the long-awaited conference at which you are presenting on behalf of your organization. Your prep is long completed, coffee in hand, and you’re already priming for tonight’s dinner with the partners. You begin the short 20-minute drive, and suddenly your tire pops without warning. “Are you kidding me?” you think – just now remembering that your spare is still at home, leaving you without even a donut to make the remainder of the drive.  

In your frustration and panic you almost forget the AAA card sitting in your wallet. You make the call, and within minutes Roadside Assistance is there to efficiently take care of the situation, getting you back on the road and enroute to the conference with time to spare.  

In a nutshell, an Owner’s Representative functions like that AAA membership. Could you have taken care of the tire situation yourself? Surely… But given your time constraints, high priority plans for the day, and stress level, employing experts to take care of the situation made for a more successful outcome.  

A qualified Owner’s Representative protects the owner’s interest every step of the way, ensuring that your organization maximizes its benefit during high priority projects and beyond.  

The Role of an Owner’s Representative for Capital Construction Projects

A capital construction project is a major investment intended to last for 25+ years. Expectations of the space and its use are high – will it truly support the business as intended? Will projected revenue increases flounder or prevail?  

Your Owner’s Representative is more than a firm who keeps you in line with budget and schedule expectations, rather they act as a true advocate and advisor from evaluation through occupancy. They understand your operations and goals, keeping that at the forefront of your project. With proven management tools and solution-based leadership, your Owner’s Representative is a true organizational partner. Their expertise, leadership, and investment in your goals produce the highest quality outcomes for your projects and future growth plans.  

Identifying Your Owner’s Representative

How do you find a true advocate and advisor in an Owner’s Representative? Identifying the correct partner for your organization is crucial. To ensure your project is in the best hands from start to finish look for the following capabilities and qualifications: 

Industry Specific Project Management Expertise:

To truly gain both project and organizational success, you must select a partner with expertise in your industry. They will be able to foresee issues during every part of the project lifecycle because they have seen and solved those issues before. They will also understand your operations and potentially even be able to give you advice on how to make your project more efficient to optimize your operations. By selecting a partner with expertise in every project phase, your organization is supported throughout design, construction, and beyond.   

Solution-Based Problem Solving:

In projects of all sizes and scopes your key to success is anticipation and quick, decisive problem-solving. Your Owner’s Representative will leverage their experience and years of specialized learnings to quickly identify the best route of action for any challenges that arise throughout your project. These expert advantages drive project schedule and protect your budget from unexpected costs.  

Quality & Regulatory Expertise:

For the highest quality construction outcomes, you need an Owner’s Representative with a strong understanding of the current regulatory landscape. Ongoing understanding of building codes, zoning, and permitting are essential for ensuring your space is compliant and completed in a timely manner.  

Diverse Businesses and Perspectives: 

Incorporating DE&I into construction projects proves to be a key differentiator in highly successful outcomes. Studies have shown that there is a correlative relationship between business performance and diversity. Diverse teams are normally more innovative, and bring multiple perspectives to a problem which makes them better problem solvers. 

TCC Owner’s Representative Project Management Partners

TCC advocates for our clients’ vision to place their projects in position for success. With 94% of business from repeat clients, our exceptional talent and flexible service options consistently create superior value no matter the size, scope, or challenge.  

From evaluation through occupancy, our services offer flexible solutions to meet you in your project’s journey.

Project Assessment & Planning

Our comprehensive project assessment & planning services ensure a strong foundation of understanding between all stakeholders and teams. We define scope, budget, schedule, communication strategy, and regulatory requirements early on which sets expectations for the entire project lifecycle. 


Site Selection & Acquisition 

Facility Assessment 

Project Scope Definition  

Feasibility Design Services 

Delivery Method Selection 

Project Budget & Controls 

Master Project Schedule 

Regulatory Requirement Analysis  

Project Team Formation 

Design Management

Attention to detail in the design management phase is critical for operational success and long-term scalability of your campus. TCC coordinates design and constructibility with clear communication strategies, intentional team building, and collaborative management tactics. 


Design Documentation Coordination 

Management of Scope & Budget 

Quality Assurance 

FF&E Management  

Construction Management

During the construction phase of your project hurdles and challenges are expected, but your success lies in the expert facilitation of solutions. Once construction has commenced, we schedule proactive site inspections, quality controls, and constant communication with contractors, consultants, and stakeholders to stay on top of all risks. We monitor quality of work and adherence to schedule to identify and assist in the resolution of any issues promptly. 


Contractor Management 

Zoning & Permitting Consulting 

Coordination of Facility Operations Interruptions 

Construction Activity Oversight 

Cost Tracking  

Vendor & Equipment Coordination

Construction, architecture, interior design, and engineering typically receive the most focus from clients, but we have found that a key component of project success comes from specialty vendors. Your IT, AV, EVS, furniture, and security vendors require dedicated resources that may surpass your internal capabilities so TCC coordinates vendor engagements, installation, and training for you. We leverage our industry relationships to provide specialty vendor solutions that are the best fit for your organization and project priorities. 


Equipment Coordination 

Training Coordination 

Occupancy & Change Management

To TCC the end of construction does not equate to the end of your project. Without a proactive, detailed, and strategic operational readiness plan, the transition into your new space can become difficult, tainting your workforce’s experience with the new space. Our team helps manage early on change management planning as well as all aspects of your move and occupancy efforts from close-out to operational readiness. We prioritize clear and consistent communication to optimize your staff experience and ensure an effective adoption of your new facility. 


Change Management & Transition Planning  

Close-Out Coordination 

Occupancy Coordination 

On-Site Relocation Assistance  


Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation Management

In the Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Biotechnology industries time is of the essence for our clients in today’s competitive marketplace. Our expert team leads CQV efforts to ensure an efficient transition from construction to full-scale production. With thoughtful coordination and expert technical knowledge, TCC ensures the functionality of your facility with each piece of equipment, built environment, and building system working exactly as intended and meeting required standards. 


CQV & EMPQ Oversight & Schedule Management 

Project Turn Over Management 

Quality & Regulatory Management

Healthcare organizations face many challenges in their ever-changing ecosystem, one of which is compliance. Survey readiness, environment of care requirements, and staff and vendor education are key to maintaining the safety and quality of your organization. TCC’s Certified Health Safety Professionals work directly with your health system to understand and control risks improving work quality, care delivery, and reducing costs. 


Policy & Procedure Review 

Mock Surveys 

Joint Commission Corrections (CMS, DNV, or OSHA) 

Contractor Education & Vendor Safety 

Radiology & Imaging Safety  

Partner with TCC For Project Success

TCC is the Owner’s Representative Project Management Partner whose services go beyond the on-time and on-budget expectations. We bring strategic thinking, expertise, and careful planning to ensure that your construction project is completed cost-effectively, and your investment is maximized. As a certified Minority and Woman owned business, we believe that diverse perspectives make us more innovative and valuable to our clients and communities. 

Reach out to explore how TCC can help you achieve your project vision – allowing for scalability, flexibility, and innovation for years to come.